It's time to turn your kids' bedtime routines into sweet dreams.

Create peaceful bedtimes (full of cooperation and connection) that help you STAY SANE and relax in the evenings.

Bedtime with can feel like a real-life nightmare. Right?

Kids - they act like they've never slept before in their lives!

They are experts at delaying bedtime and they will stop at nothing to prove it to you.

I'm staaaaaaaarving!

There are bugs in my room.

My feet are cold. Cover them!

Can I sleep in your bed?

I need to poop.

My stuffed animal is missing.

I forgot to tell you something.

Turn the light off.

Turn the light on.

My eye is tingling.

And of course, MANY false claims of severe dehydration.

The bedtime battles are never-ending DRAMA. It's enough to make you go...INSANE.

Chores and household responsibilities aren't getting done because the bedtime routine is a time suck on your evening.

Any enjoyment you'd get from this time of connection is robbed by the kids monopolizing bedtime with stall tactics.

You feel like the Bedtime Police, constantly trying to mitigate one excuse to the next.

You're chasing cheetah children around the house trying to get them to calm down -- or at least put on their pajamas.

Bedtime routines like this are not sustainable for anyone in the family.

  • Parents yelling.

  • Kids crying.

  • Up and down the stairs 15 times.

  • Making threats.

  • No time for parents to relax alone.

  • Wrestling with the kids to get teeth brushed.

  • Constant reminders without kids following through.

  • Too much time invested in negotiations.

  • Wound up behaviors.

  • No sense of calm.

Thankfully, you can FINALLY say goodnight to bedtime battles.

Create streamlined bedtime routines that balance firm boundaries with connection.

Our Goodnight Bedtime Battles Workshop will show you how to:

  • Create a focused bedtime routine that skips the drama and brings cooperation.

  • Get kids to stay in their rooms and help them fall asleep on their own.

  • Understand your child's unique sleep needs so you can easily create routines that suit your child.

  • Manage routines with multiple kids, room-sharing and over-excited kids feeding off each other.

With the help of Goodnight Bedtime Battles, we want you to consistently enjoy your evenings with kids.

I'm a baby and toddler sleep consultant, authorized Language of Listening® parent coach, and MOTHER OF 5 KIDS IN 5 YEARS!

If there's one thing that's true it's this... sleep is one of the BIGGEST gifts you can give to a child. And while this class doesn't address sleep struggles specifically, it will help set your child up for long deep restorative sleep.

By focusing on the bedtime routines.

This class is about those hours after dinner before bedtime when life gets crazy. It doesn't have to though, mama. We will teach you exactly how to craft your evenings for maximum peace and relaxation.

It's time to create realistic bedtime routines that keep mama sane!

Here's what you can expect after you've put our routines into place:

Simple but meaningful tools that will make bedtime easier.

Various paths to help your child stay in bed - choosing one that works for YOUR unique situation.

A good mix of parenting strategies to use at bedtime to help kids WANT to cooperate.

Rejuvenating down time so everyone is refreshed, not over-tired and yelling the next day.

Routines that help you stay on top of evening household responsibility so things don't feel too stressful.

And we'd love to help you get there.

Goodnight Bedtime Battles will help you get the most out of your evenings with kids without resorting to nagging, threats or bribes.

(which only leaves you exhausted and out of patience with those you love the most).

With Goodnight Bedtime Battles, you'll get...

Our workshop broken down into three easy-to-follow videos. Learn exactly how we manage all things bedtime from start to finish.

Baby sleep routines and checklists. Create soothing and customizable baby sleep routines using these printable cards. Plus, get 6 checklists to help you troubleshoot baby sleep quickly.

Create the perfect custom visual bedtime for your child. 90+ toddler, preschooler and school-aged visual routine cards! Kids love to follow along.

Let's create dream worthy bedtime routines, shall we?

In our Goodnight Bedtime Battles workshop, we'll share step-by-step how to makeover your child's bedtime routine.

You can watch the whole workshop instantly (or break it into several days) & get started on a better bedtime for your child ASAP!


Get in tune with your REAL bedtime boundaries. They might not be what you think! Let us show you how to re-evaluate and prioritize what's important to you.

Learn how to evaluate your child's sleep needs and unique optimal bedtimes. Determine if you should - or shouldn't - stagger bedtimes. Plus, what to do with older kids.

Step-by-step, we walk you through our strategies for creating a cooperative bedtime routine where everyone is working together and getting their needs met.

Create the perfect sleeping environment for your child. Discover four crucial elements to consider and one type of night light you should never use.

Managing routines with multiple children with practical strategies you can start tonight. Help your kids avoid evening Wild Animal Syndrome.

How to get kids to stay in bed PEACEFULLY and keep you in the authority role. We'll explore four no-drama solutions you can take to help your unique child.

You can build a better bedtime for your child. can have bedtime routines that don't feel like a chaotic mess, but that flow smoothly so everyone's needs (including your own) are met.

Have a burning question?

Will I get anything by mail?

Nope! It's all digital for you to watch online or print out You can re-use these as many times as you need.

What age children will this work for?

Any age because it's for YOU creating simple bedtime routines that make evenings enjoyable for your whole family.

And if I'm a working mom?

Working moms deserve sleep as much as anyone, and if you're gone for much of the day or trying to work from home, it's even more important to streamline bedtime and avoid the battles!

How much time is required?

In as little as a few hours (maybe less if you speed us up) you can learn the principles and put them all down on paper.

I already did Family Routines this the same thing?

Nope! This is specifically geared towards bedtime with kids where you want some structure to keep the peace, but room for your child to connect.

Is it available immediately?

Yes, you will receive instant access to it all via email immediately after purchase.

Is this a baby sleep class?

No, we don't talk about specific strategies such as weaning, dropping night wakings or solving early morning wakings. This is about evening and bedtime routines that set everyone up for successful evenings.

What if I hate it?

Our 14 day refund policy is linked at the bottom of this page. If you feel this class didn't help (it will though, don't worry) then drop us an email!

We've got you covered from all angles.

  • THREE VIDEO WORKSHOPS: How to create a dream-worthy bedtime routine with kids ($49 value)

  • ROUTINE CARDS: 90+ visual routine cards for kids aged toddler to elementary school ($8 value)

  • BABY ROUTINES AND SLEEP CHECKLISTS: Specific tips to help with baby and pre-toddler sleep ($7 value)



Are you ready to shift out of Battle Mode and create the peaceful bedtime routines you always wanted?

Don't let yourself reach burnt out, giving up, and resigning to bedtime chaos and nightly fights forever.

Spend a couple hours now and reap the benefits every evening.

Learn the simple tools and strategies to help kids actively cooperate during their bedtime and stop resisting you.

Bedtime should feel like sweet dreams (not sweaty nightmares).

Let us help.

Get Goodnight Bedtime Battles Now!You won't regret it!
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Add our 25+ emotion cards to your order and help your kids learn:

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➡️ WHEN to express their emotions appropriately and safely
➡️ WHAT these emotions are actually doing for them!

Your family routines will go from chaotic, resistant, mood-swinging kiddos to more calm and regulated children!

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